Tour of Shrines and Temples

Tour of Shrines and Temples

A 5 minute walk from the hotel
It hosts several festivals annually
It’s a perfect place for a morning stroll

Known as the guardian shrine of Hakata. Summer festivals such as the Hakata Gion Yamakasa and the Hakata Okunchi festivals are both primarily hosted at this Kushida Shrine.

Floats from this festival can also be seen at this shrine.

A tourist spot that you can learn about Fukuoka culture.
Exhibits include traditional products such as Hakata-ori and Hakata-ningyo dolls.

Famous for its crimson pagoda.
The Fukuoka Daibutsu is the largest wooden sitting giant Buddha statue in Japan.

Beautiful Zen garden modeled on the Genkai-nada Sea.

Only 15 minutes walking from our hotel. No entrance fee.
Very small Shrine but so nice.

Only 15 minutes walking from our hotel, next to Kego Shrine

Very quiet place where show the true Japanese culture

One of the oldest zen temples in Japan

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