Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the United Nations launched a set of systainability goals focusing on 17 key areas that will help end poverty, promote clean energy, improve health, achieve gender equality and tackle climate change.

193 countries have agreed to contribute to the achievement of 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The SDGs can be also a business opportunity for companies by providing them not only future competitive advantage with challenges in innovation, operation improvement and effectiveness; but also a positive impact on socities and environment. With strategies aligned with SDGs, companies are more likely to follow goverment policies and regualtions, therefore prevent the risk of losing their operation license in any jurisdiction.

Embracing Better Trip
for Everyone

At A Good Day, we actively contribute to almost Global Goals in order to bring better light to the world. In particular, we have placed business strategies in acquiring SGDs 6, 11, 12 and 14.

We do this by delivering energy efficiency, saving human resources, bringing innovative technology to inanical industries, fulfilling smart lives and removing inequalitiy. Our commitment “Embracing better world for everyone” ensure that our products, system and serivces continue to secure a more sustainable future.

How we work
to achieve SDGs?

With expertise in Hospitality industry and Fin-Tech, we have a deep knowledge and a strong platform for making decisive advances to have make the SDGs a reality. Check out how we work to achieve sustainable development as well as more sustainable future for all.

Promote Greener StayPromote Greener Stay

Promote Greener Stay
programs for cutting
environmental footprints

A Good Day guests who stay two nights or longer can defer their housekeeping, reducing their energy and water usage associated with linen cleaning. We also select sustainably source of all meat and poultry, produce, seafood and cotton at managed hotels.

Review towel and bed linen supplier sustainability attributes
Reduce food waste sent to landfill in our managed operations
Send zero soap to landfill by recycling all used guest soap bars


Our hotel can operate more efficiently by reducing energy and water use, as well as reducing the use of chemicals in the housekeeping process.

Control home energy

Control home energy
to lower energy cost

By connecting smart home devices into our all-in-one A Good Day Guest mobile app, we help control homes more energy efficient and affordable through circuit-level electricity monitoring, smart alerts and remote energy controls.

Guest self-control mobile app
IoT device integration
Load balancing technology


Operation cost reduce efficiently in term of electricity consumptions as there is no need to change the baterries every few month for traditional home remote controller.

Control home energy

Control home energy
to lower energy cost

Make cities andMake cities and

Make cities and
socities more convienent
and sustainable

We have been active in leading the Fintech revolution—using blockchain and IoT, and continue to develop groundbreaking technologies today. Through all ranges of our products, we are creating more efficient, compact, and secure financial networks to benefit both customers and our partners.


Our solution help accelerate the adoption of IoT devices, mobile technology and blockchian in South East Asia. We also deliver cost-effective solution to enterprises.