Our Story

Creative. Truly. Memorable. Profitable.Creative. Truly. Memorable. Profitable.

Creating extraordinary guest experiences while maximing revenue and profitability to our associates and owners.

Through years of extensive management and hotel operations, A Good Day has fostered a series of best practices for hotel operations. Providing tailor made guidance and strategy, our teams including hotel experts and software developers have designed for hotel owners improved financial performances, seamless

We started out in 2017 as A GOOD DAY FUKUOKA RIVERSIDE , a boutique family hotel located in Fukuoka’s most historical – temple district and shining its own DNA industrial design & lifestyle. The Hotel focus on curating unique personal experience with reasonalbe price for staying. The symbol of the hotel is its spacious rooms that one could spend a relaxing day in. Another significant symbols of A Good Day is our smart mobile app, an innovative custom-built skill integrated with Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo.

At A GOOD DAY FUKUOKA RIVERSIDE, we are defining “a good day” hotel as a place where you could take your mind off the daily routine and find a new place that you could spend a relaxing day with happiness. It may not be extravagant facilities, world-class hospitality, superb service and amenities, and so on. It is something less expensive but make guests stated and happy, something like personal touch-points that leaves unforgottable moments.
Being successful in running our own hotel, we want to do something bigger and more meaningful to our community. We starts to share our experiences and knowledge with other hotel owners, from small to medium privately run hospitality who need support and guidance with one or more aspects of their business. While most of hotel owners and operators lack of IT knowledge and software development experitise, we support knowledge fulfillment and provide comprehensive solutions for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Our aims is to buid a better community for hospitality business, and then provide better & unique experiences to all hotel guests.


Our vision is to bring our knowledge and our know-how in the hospitality industry, by providing effective and comprehensive solutions to our clients. We are your trusted hotel operator and consulting partner to curate, develop and manage your hospitality business.


We commit to bring guests a better pesonal experiences through our expertise in hospitality management, fintech and software development. Our mission is to focus on the on guest experiences while maximizing revenues and profitability to our associates and owners.